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Hello!  My name is Lucia Brooks and I wanted to let you know that I can help you locate "Hidden" lease purchase homes in Marietta, GA today!

I have helped hundreds of families find and lease purchase homes for their families, I know I can help you do the same!  

Call me today at 404-803-0483 for a FREE, No Obligation, No Risk, Lease Purchase Consultation for complete details.

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We have gathered a wealth of information here to help you with all of your real estate needs – from all the latest Marietta GA Lease Purchase/Rental property listings to great information for both home renters and those looking for a Lease Purchase option.

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Lease Purchase Agreements

A lease purchase (also "rent-to-own purchase") is a lease combined with an option to purchase the property within a specified period, usually 3 years or less, at an agreed-upon price. The borrower pays an option fee, 1% to 5% of the price, which is credited to the purchase price. The borrower pays rent, and an additional rent premium that is also credited to the purchase price. If the purchase option is not exercised, the buyer loses both the option fee and the rent premium.

As with any kind of financial contract, lease purchase deals can be structured in such a way that all the benefits flow to one of the parties and none to the other. Buyers especially need to be careful. But lease-purchase plans have a solid economic rationale, which means that they can be structured so that both parties benefit.

Contract Features of a Lease Purchase Agreement

The major provisions of a lease purchase agreement are as follows:

The sale price of the house and the rent are market-determined, yet subject to negotiation just as in a straight purchase or rental transaction. Buyers often know less about the market than sellers, which places buyers at a disadvantage unless they do some homework, which is advisable.

Buyers generally prefer a long option period because it provides more time to build equity and repair credit. A long period can boomerang on them, however, if they are never able to exercise the option, since they lose the rent premium they have been paying all the while, in addition to the option fee. Sellers generally prefer a short option period, but if it is too short, the house won’t be sold.

The option fee and rent premium are viewed differently by buyers and sellers. To the buyer, they are part of the equity in the house they will soon own. Fully anticipating that they will exercise the option, the only cost is the interest they would otherwise have earned. To sellers, however, these payments are the best guarantee that their houses will sell; if they don’t sell, the payments are retained as income. That the benefit to the seller generally exceeds the cost to the buyer makes the lease-to-own deal a possible win-win.

A lease purchase also may give the renter/buyer the right to assign the option to buy. This will usually have considerable value to the buyer, because it means that the option can be sold in the event that it has value but the buyer is not able to exercise it. It is a cost to the seller for the same reason.

An experienced real estate agent can negotiate the terms of a lease purhcase favorably for you.  Real estate agents have a great deal of negotiating experience and can provide you with a wealth of knowledge that could save you time, money and prevent a lot of frustration.

Call 404-803-0483 to find out how a real estate agent can help you find a great lease purchase home and negotiate a favorable lease purchase option today!

Basic Rent/Lease Info

What is a lease or rental agreement?

When the landlord has decided to rent to the tenant and the tenant has chosen to rent from the landlord, they will enter into a lease or rental agreement. These are contracts, either written or oral, in which the landlord grants to the tenant exclusive possession of a premises in exchange for rent for a period of time.

Can leases be negotiated?

Yes. Leases are not written in stone, even though standard forms may seem that way.

Most standard leases are written by lawyers who favor landlords. Tenants should try to remove clauses they do not like. They should try to add conditions that they want, such as the right to own pets or to have the landlord paint the premises.

Likewise, of the scores of standard forms available, none is likely to meet the needs of every landlord. Some fail to spell out which utility services the tenant pays for and which ones the landlord pays. Others fail to allow the landlord the right ever to enter the premises without the consent of the tenants. Landlords have as much right as the tenants to alter the lease terms to cover such things.

How should the tenant or the landlord change the lease if either doesn't like certain clauses?

If either one can persuade the other to remove a particular provision, that provision should be marked out in ink on all copies. The marked-out sections should then be initialed by both the landlord and the tenant.

Many preprinted forms contain large blank spaces for the landlord and tenant to write additional agreements, which become part of the lease. These inserted paragraphs should be initialed by both landlord and tenant. If the spaces are absent or are too small, the additional terms should be written on a separate sheet of paper and signed by both the landlord and tenant.

Believe it or not you can have a real estate agent negotiate the terms of a lease for you as well.  Many real estate agents have a great deal of negotiating experience and can provide you with a wealth of knowledge that could save you time, money and prevent a lot of frustration.

Call 404-803-0483 to find out how a real estate agent can help you find a great rental home and negotiate a great lease today!

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"Lucia is by far the best agent I have ever worked with. She was very tuned in to the market and stayed on track staying focused on the area I was ... more "
by Vylinda

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