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Lucia Brooks


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Meet Some Clients

Thomas & Sandra Schultz (Video Shot at Closing)

Mr. and Mrs. Shultz found my website while looking for homes in Grayson, Ga. They were moving here from Florida to be closer to their family. I helped them find a great home and made sure they were able to close the deal and move in on time.

This is a clip of what Mr. Shultz had to say about me at the closing...

Let me know if you would like to speak with Mr. or Mrs. Schultz yourself about how well they liked my real estate services. Like Mr. Schultz said, I have his number!

Noel Timmons (Video Shot at Closing)

Noel found my website while searching for homes on the internet. I was able to help her find just the right home and take all the steps necessary to close the deal and get moved in on time!

This is a short video of Noel expressing how she felt about the real estate service she received from me.

Let me know if you would like to speak with Noel yourself about my real estate services, I would be happy to put you in touch with her.

James Brady (Photo Taken at Closing)

Mr. Brady's company; Anheuser-Busch, relocated Mr. Brady from Seattle, Washington to Johns Creek, Georgia.  I had the pleasure of helping Mr. Brady find a new home for his family.  Mr. Brady was kind enough to provide me with a few kind words at the closing of his new home!

"I was doing a corporate transfer across the country.  I wanted to move quick and knew what I wanted in a house.  I didn't have a lot of time to shop.  I explained my situation to Lucia and she was more than accommodating.  She was direct, didn't "sell me", listened to my needs & concerns and delivered.  Her communication was great... especially considering my schedule of being on both coasts.  When it came time to make a deal, she represented my interests and brokered a great deal!  I will recommend Lucia to my colleagues."

Please let me know if you would like to ask Mr. Brady about the real estate services I provided him during his relocation for yourself.  I am sure I could arrange for you to speak to him.

Harold & Cheryl Schroeder (Photo Taken at Closing)

Mr. & Mrs. Schroeder were relocating to North Metro Atlanta from Charlotte, North Carolina.  Mr. Schroeder was being transferred by his company, GMAC Financial.

I helped Mr. & Mrs. Schroeder find an excellent new home in Suwanee that they really loved!  The Schroeder's were very excited to move here and this is what they had to say about how I helped them during the relocation:

"Lucia is awesome! She is well organized and very knowledgable about the inventory in Atlanta.  She made looking for a new home fun and virtually pain free.  We will recommend her to our friends and colleagues."

Well, that and the smiles on their faces just about says it all!  Please let me know if you would like to talk with the Schroeder's about the experience they had while working with me as their real estate professional, I am sure I can arrange for you to speak with them.


Eddie & Kristy Yan (Photo Taken at Closing)

Eddie was living in New York and was searching for homes on the internet.  He saw one of my listings and sent me an email asking about it.  I called Eddie back with the information he was seeking and the next thing you know I was helping him find a home for him and his family!  This is what Eddie had to say about how I helped him at the closing of his new home:

"Lucia is a very nice person.  She was very hard working.  She recommended a lender and helped us find homeowners insurance.  Lucia followed up with us all the time.  My mother really loved her service, she said she always had a smile!"

I was very happy to meet Eddie and his family and get to know them!  I would be happy to let you speak to Eddie if you would like to ask him about my real estate services.  Just let me know!

Cristina & Radu Zodila (Photo Taken at Closing)

Mr. & Mrs. Zodila were referred to me by one of my past clients! They were they were buying their first home and I was honored to be able to find just the right one!  When we closed on their great new home this is what they had to say:

"Lucia is very good in her field of expertise.  She was very prompt and met all deadlines and she was very good at calculating and explaining all of the financial details."

There you have it, another satisfied client!  Would you like to speak with Mr. & Mrs. Zodila to find out first how what they think about my real estate services?  Let me know and I would be happy to arrange a chat! 


Aminul & Tuhin Haider (Photo Taken at Closing)

Aminul called me about one of the homes I had listed for sale.  I met with him and showed him the property.  He liked it and wanted to make an offer.  I assisted him with presenting the offer and made sure everything was taken care of throughout the transaction.  Tuhin was kind enough to provide me with some nice words after the closing:

"It was a great experience to do business with Lucia.  She was really prompt, nice and very much professional.  I hope we will meet again and do more business in the future."

I hope I do more business with Aminul and Tuhin as well, they are very nice folks!  Let me know if you would like to talk to them about how I helped them out with this transaction, I am sure they wouldn't mind.

Daniel & Cristina Buth (Photo Taken at Closing)

This isn't the first time I have done business with Cristina and Daniel (o.k., I'll have to admit, Daniel is my brother)!  I have helped them buy and sell several properties over the years and they keep coming bacK!  I must be doing something right!  Cristina had a few kind words for me at the closing:

"Lucia was very good at getting this deal closed.  She was very prompt in meeting the deadlines and very accurate regarding the financial information for this transaction.  Of course we will do business with Lucia again!"

Let me know if you would like to speak to my brother and sister-in-law about my real estate services!

Jennifer & Martin Daugherty (Photo Taken at Closing)

Mr. & Mrs. Daugherty found my website while searching for homes in North Metro Atlanta.  Mr. Daugherty is retiring from the United States Marine Corps and moving home from San Diego!  God bless the Marines!  I contacted him while he was still on my site!  I helped them find a home and close in two weeks!  Here is what Mrs. Daugherty had to say:

"Our experience with Lucia Brooks has really been wonderful.  She has been very helpful and was always available.  I was not available to attend the initial walk-through but Lucia was there with my husband and I was extremely happy that she was there.  My husband said she went through and was very thorough, she brought things to his attention that he had missed.  For that I am thankful.  I will definitely use Lucia again and I will highly recommend her to others."

Please let me know if you would like to speak to the Daughtery family to question them about my service and integrity, I would be happy to put you in touch with them.

John & Lynda Roach (Photo Taken at Closing)

I met John and Lynda at a "Super Sunday" Open House I was hosting for one of my seller clients.  Unfortunately that home didn't quite suit thier needs (don't worry though, I sold that home to someone else).  The Roach's liked the way I treated them at the open house though and they engaged my services to help them find the perfect home!  Here is what they had to say about that...

"Every day Lynda and I tell each other how much we love our home. We both really appreciate your patience and understanding as we tried to find our perfect home;  more than 10 months is a long time in anyone's quest for the right anything - - thanks to you, we are living our dream everyday."

I guess I did a good job!  Let me know if you would like to speak to John or Lynda about their experience with me as thier real estate agent, I am sure they would be more than happy to speak with you.

Marius Povian (Photo Taken at Closing)

Marius was referred to me by one of my past clients.  He had a home that he tried to sell with two other agents before calling me.  Those agents were unable to get his home sold, I got the job done!  Here is an email I received from Mr. Povian.


I am very happy with the service you provided with the sale of my home.  You completed everything you said you would according to your marketing plan.  I really liked the fact that you held so many open houses, I think that really helped in getting my house sold!  I also appreciate your ability to negotiate, thank you for getting us the price we wanted.

I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with your performance and I will work with you in the future and refer you to my family and friends.

Marius Povian

Please let me know if you would like to speak to Mr. Povian about how I handled the sale of his home for yourself.  I am sure I can arrange for you to speak with him.

John & Emily Orza (Photo Taken at Closing)

I met Emily at our bank.  I trusted Emily with my banking and she trusted me with the sale of her home!  Here are the kind words Emily had for me at the closing of her home sale.
This is to let you know how much we appreciate working with you on selling our house. Everything was stress free and professionally done to the last detail.  We will definitely recommend your services to all our friends and acquaintances. Thanks again for a job well done.
                            John & Emily Orza - Lawrenceville, GA. 
Please let me know if you would like to ask Emily and John about my level of service and professionalism, I am sure we could arrange for you to speak with them.

Amanda Gibbs & Lucia (Photo Taken at Closing)

Amanda was referred to me by her brother, I helped Amanda's brother sell their last home and buy a new one.  When the time came for Amanda and her husband Craig to move up to a new home, they talked to her brother and gave me a call.  Here is what Amanda had to say about her experience with me as her real estate professional:

"Lucia is a wonderful agent.  She is very efficient and great to work with.  She took care of all of our issues without me ever having to worry.  I would recommend Lucia to all my family and friends.  Thank you so much for all you did and I can't wait to work with you in the future." 

Let me know if you would like to ask Amanda about my level of service and professionalism, I am sure she wouldn't mind talking to you.

Rebecca Classon (Photo Taken At Closing)







Rebecca was relocating from out of town.  I got to work right away finding her a great new home here in North Metro Atlanta.  Here are the kind words she had for me at the closing.

“Lucia returned my phone call right away.  She met with me that weekend and showed me several houses that I was interested in.  When I decided on my house, she helped me find a mortgage broker, kept me up to date on everything going on, helped me find an inspector and at a discount.  She was with me throughout the whole process which was important since this was my first purchase".

Let me know if you would like to speak to Rebecca, I am sure I can arrange for you to ask her about my services for yourself.

Allan, Deidre & Jemeya Joe (Photo Take at Closing)

The Joe family found my website while they were still living in South Africa.  At first they were hesitant to work with any real estate agent.  I stayed in touch with them and sent them information on available homes via email and spoke with them over the phone many times.  I helped them find a great new home here in North Metro Atlanta and they sent me the following note via email after the closing. 

Dear Lucia,

We are now settling in the home that you assisted us to buy and we are more than happy with your recommendation.  My wife and myself were very impressed with your knowledge of the different areas within Atlanta, your prompt response to our queries and the time frame within which you identified the house that we finally bought (less than a week).  Furthermore, your assistance with our water, electricity and gas connections was not taken for granted and once more we are greatful for the fact that you always went an extra mile to satisfy our relocation needs.  That indeed softened our relocation burden. 

We can and will recommend you to any potential buyer.  Please feel free to use us as a reference.

Kind Regards,

Allen Joe

Let me know if you would like to speak to these great folks in person, I am sure I can arrange it!

Garofas Whitson & Irina Head (Photo Taken at Closing)

Garafos & Irina were referred to me by a past client.  They were moving to the North Metro Atlanta area and needed to find a great home.  I found them the perfect home in less than a week!  They had a great house warming party they invited me to after they moved in, a great time was had by all!
I would be happy to let you speak to Garafos & Irina for yourself to find out what their opinion is of my real estate services.  Just let me know!

Roger Dieujuste & Family (Photo Taken at Closing)


Roger found our website and wanted to know if I would be able to help him relocate from Florida.  Well, here they are, safe and sound!  I did everything necessary to help them find the perfect home and facilitate thier move to the North Metro Atlanta area!  Roger was so happy with my service he just called me to refer another friend who wants to move here from Florida!  
Let me know if you would like to speak to Roger yourself regarding how I helped him with his move.

Mr. & Mrs. Yoo Lee (Photo Taken at Closing)


The Lee's were living in California and found my website and made contact with me regarding real estate in the North Metro Atlanta area. I stayed in contact with them until they were ready to come here to look for homes. I sent them lots of available properties via email so I had a good idea of what they liked and disliked before they got here.  We were able to find just the right home for them in no time flat.

Just let me know if you would to ask the Lee's if they were happy with my service, I can arrange for you to speak with them personally.

Derek Prout (Photo Taken at Closing)

Mr. Prout and his family relocated here from Michigan with GM.  He needed to start his new position soon so they had to find a great home fast!  I sent available homes via email so they could get a good idea of what was on the market before they got into town.  This upfront work made the process of actually looking at homes go much faster.  We were able to find the Prout family a wonderful home in under a week from thier arrival!

I can do the same for you!  Let me know if you would like to chat with Derek to see for yourself how satisfied he was with my services!

Carol & Everett Holmes (Photo Taken at Closing)


Carol & Everett hired us to sell their current home and help them find and negotiate the purchase of their brand new home as well.

We accomplished both objectives right on schedule and they were able to make a smooth transition.

We would be happy to let you speak to Carol & Everett to find out how much they trust us. Just give us a call!

Mr. and Mrs. Dulca (Photo Taken at Closing)


Mr. and Mrs. Dulca moved here from New York. Some of our past clients referred us to them and they contacted us to help them find a home.

We looked at a lot of homes and even put contracts on two that didn't end up working out....and even though we had to keep looking and finding different homes, we wanted to make sure that Mr. and Mrs. Dulca were satisfied with the home they bought.

Did it work out? Just look at their picture! We can put you in touch with the Dulcas' if you would like to speak with them yourself!

Adriana Paul (Photo Taken at Closing)

Adriana has purchased multiple properties with us!

The Paul’s wanted to buy a brand new home but wanted to save money by having George (Adrianna's husband) install his own flooring (if you need any hard wood flooring done, George is an excellent craftsman).

Most custom builders will not allow that type of homeowner participation, but we helped the Paul’s locate a new homebuilder that would work with them and allow them to install their own flooring. This saved the Paul’s thousands of dollars and made them very, very happy indeed!

We would be happy to let you speak with the Paul’s and ask them how satisfied they are with our services.

Cynthia & Quentin Jones (Photo Taken at Closing)

Mr. & Mrs. Jones were transferred to the area by General Motors. We needed to find the perfect home for the Jones' and find it fast!

Mrs. Jones loves to entertain and finding the right home with the right amenities was mission critical.

We went right to work and helped Mr. & Mrs. Jones quickly narrow down the field of available homes. We found just the right home and negotiated a favorable deal for Mr. & Mrs. Jones so they were able to meet their relocation timelines.

We also helped Mr. Jones with interim corporate housing during the transition.

Let us know if you would like to speak to Mr. & Mrs. Jones to get a report on how we helped them during their time of transition.

Cornel & Elana Mocan (Photo Taken at Closing)

Cornel & Elena decided they wanted to move to a new home. They called on us and we went right to work marketing their current home for them. We helped them put their current home under contract in less than a month!

We also helped them find and put a contract on a brand new home as well.

We were able to provide the exact service the Mocan's were looking for in the time frame they desired! We would be happy to arrange for you to speak to the Mocan's yourself if you like, just let us know!

Stafford & Sandra Bice (Photo Taken At Closing)

Stafford and Sandra found us by searching the web, and they are really glad they did!

Not only did we help them find and purchase the perfect new home, but they also won $20,000 worth of new furniture in a drawing held by the new home subdivision that we helped them locate!

We are sure they would be happy to speak to you about our quality service, just give us a call and we will make the arrangements!

Josh & Bobette Allen (Photo Taken At Closing)


Mr. & Mrs. Allen found us on the web and gave us a call. The Allen's were relocating from New York and needed to find a home that was just right for them.

Mr. Allen used our Internet search program to eliminate homes he didn't like and narrowed down the list of homes he wanted to see in the limited time he had available in Atlanta.

When the Allen's came to Atlanta they already knew what they wanted to see, we visited the homes they had selected from our search program and we found just the right home for them in only two days!

Our technology and services made it easy for Mr. & Mrs. Allen to make their transition, we can do the same for you!

Mike & Shannon Midday (Photo Taken In New Home)

Shannon was very impressed with our initial and continued response time. Shannon told us she left her contact info at 2 other competitor's web sites and we were the only ones who called her back!

We worked very closely together through the Internet and on the phone for a month before their first visit out to see homes. Our close relationship continued for 2 more months, including 2 trips out to see homes. We were able to find a home that matched exactly what they were looking for in ammenities (swim/tennis/golf), location (20 to 30 minutes to work), and value (high probability of increased value upon resale) and we were with them every step of the way.

Let us know if you would like to speak with Mike and Shannon to see for yourself how satisfied they are with our services.

Richard & Sharon McIntosh (Photo Taken At Closing)


Richard & Sharon found us through one of our web advertisments. We have helped them find several properties that met their investment needs. The fact that they continue to utilize our services again and again clearly indicates they are very satisfied with how we serve them!

We would be happy to have you speak with the McIntosh's to find out for yourself how satisfied they are with our service. Just let us know!

Ken & Tara Latz (Photo Taken At Closing)

Ken & Tara found us on the Internet. They needed to move quickly!! How did we help them? We helped them find just the right home and helped them close on that home in just two weeks!! That's how we helped them!

Please let us know if you would like to talk to Kan & Tara to find out how well we served their needs. We would be happy for you to speak to them yourself.

Richard & Jeannie Schwech (Photo Taken at Closing)

Mr. & Mrs. Schwech hired us to sell an investment property that they owned.

We sold it so fast they couldn't believe it! They were so happy with our service that they quickly recommended us to an associate and we put their home on the market as well! Guess what? We sold that one already as well!

Please let us know if you would like to interview the Schwech's to verify our level of service and professionalism.

Anne Marie & Stuart Jones (Photo Taken at Closing)

Mr. & Mrs. Jones relocated to the area and trusted us enough to help them find just the right home!

Time was limited and we had to narrow down the criteria quickly. Our past experience and skills were put to the test! We successfully located just the right home for Mr. & Mrs. Jones and we closed the deal right on time enabling the Jones' to make a perfect transition.

Please let us know if you would like to speak with the Mr. & Mrs. Jones to see if we proved to be Trusted Advisors, Skilled Negotiators & Epert Facilitators!

The Rondeau Family (Photo Taken at Closing)

Cindy found our website and contacted us about a home we had for sale. Unfortunately, that home did not work out for her and her family.

However, Cindy allowed us to put all of the tools we have available for homebuyers to use, and working together we were able to find a home that met all of their needs.

We then helped them by giving them comparable market information about other home sales in the subdivision, we helped them write and negotiate the sales contract, we helped them find a great home inspector to make sure there were no problems with the new home, we even helped them find a new church! We really enjoyed every minute of it!

We would really like for you to speak to the Rondeau family about how far we go to make sure our clients needs are met.

David & Marta Reyes (Photo Taken at Closing)

David and Marta were trying to sell their home on their own when we contacted them and arranged to be interviewed for the job of selling their home.

They were quite impressed with our marketing systems and past track record and gave us the job!

We helped them sell thier home just like we said we would and they liked the way I did business so much that they hired us to help them find a new home as well!

I can arrange for you to speak with David or Marta so you can ask them about the quality of my service yourself!

Douglas Moore (Photo Taken at Closing)


Mr. Moore hired us to sell a home for him and was so impressed with our abilities that he has asked us to sell three more of his properties since then!

We would love for you to speak with Mr. Moore about us and the quality of our service! Give us a call and we can arrange that with no problem.

Cornel Negru (Photo Taken at Closing)

Mr. Negru found us through a mutual friend. We were able to help him sell an investment property that he had purchased to rehab.

Please let us know if you would like to ask Mr. Negru how much he enjoyed working with us. We would be happy to let you speak with him.

Jeff Tuch (Photo Taken at Closing)

Mr. Tuch called us to inquire about a home. After meeting with Mr. Tuch we were able to determine exactly what he was looking for in a home and then we helped him find just the right home for his needs!

We can arrange for you to speak directly to Mr. Tuch and find out for yourself how well he liked working with us.






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